Anuschka Handbags Have a Story

Anuschka Handbags Have a Story

Posted by gcmore on 22nd Nov 2014

Painting is just another way of keeping a diary - Pablo Picasso

Anuschka is not only a premium brand of hand painted accessories, it is a story. Anuschka accessories are uniquely different from the other. They are rich in design, form and possibilities that are reflections of moments in time. Each has its own story created from the imaginations and visions of the skilled artisans who paint them.

The story of the Anuschka started with an idea, a vision and dream cherished by founders Swapan and Roma Basu who had a yearning desire to fuse art and function. 

Since the early 1980's, Swapan Basu and his wife Roma have been designing hand-painted Anuschka creations, continuously evolving the art and production process, while always preserving the integrity of the brand. The unique handcrafted luxury that is the weft and warp of each Anuschka product. For over 25 years, Anuschka has remained the only family owned, designed, manufactured and distributed one-of-a-kind hand painted collection at select boutiques across the world. 

At the outset, Roma started designing hand painted bags while evolving the production process and refining the painting methodology. Today, it remains a closely guarded family tradition. An Anuschka creation isn't born in a faceless factory churning out thousands of identical monotone bags every day. The makers continue to work as a family. Even today, Roma and Swapan are in the workshop every day, overseeing the production and ensuring that every Anuschka that leaves the workshop furthers the integrity of the brand. 

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